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the red shoes

Summary of the story

The Red Shoes

            The story told about a little girl named Karen who was very pretty but she was a poor girl. In winter, she wore a large wooden shoes which made her little insteps quite red. It seemed dangerous. In the middle of the village, there was a old dame shoe maker, He was very clumsy but he was very kind. When the Karen’s mother was burried, she received red shoes and wore them for the first time.

            One day, the old lady looked at her, She wanted to adopt Karen as her child. Karen began to learn read and sew. He wore a cleanly dreesed. She was very beautiful. He was a little princess. She believed that her life because of red shoes. The people was happy when Karen danced, She seemed beautiful with red shoes. Now, the old lady was sick but she seemed beautiful. Then, the old passed away. Karen was shocked and screamed, she felt, the death of old lady because of red shoes. She tought, she saw many red shoes around her. Finally, He went to church with her family. He wished God’s help. He wanted to miss the red shoes memory.

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