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Cyan Revenge : Bloodlust

Summary of the story

Cyan Revenge : Blood lust

            The story told about a young boy named Cyan. When he was a sixteen years old, his sight was aided by the moonlight which bathed him, unhindered by walls, which were all lying broken and scorched around him. He saw his family was died. He remembered, Earlier that night, the village had been attacked by the Luthorians. The villagers hadn't stood a chance. All the farm lands had been set ablaze together with the houses, the little church and even a few villagers. Defenseless women and children had been slaughtered like animals. All people was died except Cyan. He walked to the hill where Luthorian and the killers were.

            He killed the Luthorian when he was drunk. He revenged, He used a big sword to kill them. Finally, the Luthorian and his Friends were died. Cyan laughed, He did not think, that he was very cruel.

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