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summary of Andrew and white horse story

Summary of the story

Andrew and White Horse
By Clark Smith  (www.clarkness.com)

            The story told about a boy named Andrew. When he was watering the flowers in the yard, he listened a clip clop of horse in the behind of him. He looked and there stood a white horse with wings. Then, both of them introduced themselves. A white horse asked andrew help the white horse.  A white horse looked for a young boy to ride his young horse. Furthermore, Andrew agreed to help them. He hopped up on white horse’s back. The white horse flapped his huge two wings. He flew into the sky. Andrew enjoyed to ride the white horse. 
            Then, white horse landed back in Andrew’s yard. Andrew jumped off the flying horse. The white horse would come and get Andrew when he was dreaming, because the young horse only flew at night in the moonlight. Then, the white horse flapped his huge wings and went up into the sky. Andrew opened his eyes. He was lying in the shade of big tree in his yard.
            Finally, when he was asleep. White horse came and got andrew to ride the young horse. Andrew was happy because he could help the white horse.

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