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Summary of the story
The Lovely Bones
By : Alice Sebold

            There was a girl named Susie Salmon. She was a fourteen years old. is raped and murdered on her way home from school. Her killer, a neighbour named George Harvey, is considered a harmless loner. Unfortunaltely, he did not feel remorse the killing, and he heartlessly disposes of Susie's body in the equivalent of a rubbish dump.

            Her father, Abigail was shocked with her death. Then, Susie's family struggles to come to terms with her death. Her mother, Abigail, is unable to express her grief and resorts to escapism. A detective named Len Fenerman leads the murder case but, to his distress, is unable to solve it. Susie's sister and father become convinced that Mr Harvey is guilty, and are frustrated when a lack of evidence means the case against him cannot be pursued; all seems lost when Mr Harvey quietly leaves the neighbourhood.

            Her friends, Ray and Ruth are affected by her death. Ruth was trying to face the mystery of Susie’s death. Then, She became obssesed with Susie and witch. Finally, Susie is unable to let go of her life on earth. Before she is able fully to move on, Susie returns to earth one last time, and her spirit enters Ruth's body. She makes love to Ray Singh, marking her emancipation from the past and her acceptance that she no longer has a future on earth. She is finally able to pass on to a true heaven, to be released from her damaging attachment to the living – to find peace.

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