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summary of the death channel

The Death Channel
By Angus Barrett

            The story told about a girl named Jennifer. She was 13th years old. Her family had moved in the previous week and she still hadn’t got used to it. It was a very old house, with a basement and an attic. The rooms inside the house were big and dusty, with hard wooden floors.
            One day, her parents was late. Jennifer was getting worried, so she tried to call her parents but there was no answer from any of the numbers she tried. She thought about going around to the neighbours’ houses but she realised she hadn’t met any of them yet and remembered what she’d been taught about strangers.
            There was nobody there. The empty house was silent. Then she tried and filled the house with noise, Jennifer picked up the remote and switched on the TV. All she saw on the screen was a picture of her house. She could see herself standing in the living room, watching the TV. Jennifer tried to change the channel but every one was showing the same picture of her house. She changed it one more time and this time she swore that there was something different about the picture. Then she realised. She could still see herself on the screen, but behind the image of the girl was a man. Jennifer turned around. The lights went out and she screamed.

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