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Summary of the return of Abel Behenna

Iron Maiden

The story told about a couple who went  to Nunberg, Germany.  They were Amelia and writer itself. They met  Elias which was from America. Then, He became a couple’s friend. They spent a lot of time together.
One day, They went to visit the castle. They walked up the hill and looked down into the moat.  They saw a large black cat with her kitten. Suddenly, Elias wanted to fall the stone to the cat’s family. Unfortunetly, the stone fell and hit the kitten. The kitten died immedietly. The mother’s cat looked unhappy. Her eyes seem shiningly.   
Then, They went on up the road. There is Torture tower which is the most interesting building in the city of nunberg. There was  a guide to show visitor around the tower. They reached at the top of the stairs. There were horrible instrument which was used to torture people. They went to centre of the room. This was called Iron Maiden. The room was very frigtening. There were long iron spikes which was able to kill everyone.
Elias wanted to get in the Iron Maiden, but the guide did not agree. Elias took his money to the guide. The guide tie their body in the narrow room which was full spikes. Suddenly, a cat was very cruel scracted the guide face who pulled the rope carefully. Finally, the spikes came out of Elias body. His face looked awful. The writer hold Amelia outside which was fainted. The writer didn’t want his wife see this moment. Then, the writer ran back into the room and took a big sword. He killed the cat.

The Judge’s House

The story told about a man who want finish his final examination. His name was Malcolm Malcolmson. They faced difficulty in his room because he lived with his family which was noisy. Then, he went to quite town, Benchurch.
One day, He found a large old house. He asked to the man in the shop about that house. Then, a man wanted Malcolm met a lawyer. Malcolm gave the lawyer enough money to rent the house for a month.
Next day, Malcolm began finish his final examination. He prepared food and drink. He lit a fire in the chimney to warm his body. He saw many rats everywhere in that room.  Malcolm looked enermous rats. His teeth was sharp and red eyes looked cruel. Malcolm picked up a book and threw it at the rat. But the book did not hit the rat. Then, he looked at the alarm bell rope. It was strong, but it also felt soft and smooth.
The next day, his friend told him that Judge was very cruel. He punished many crimminal to death. Then, he came to the judge house which was cleaned by a woman. He saw a painting. He looked the judge’s eyes similar with enermous rat. Suddenly, Malcolm felt terribly afraid.  The enermous rat tied a rope around his neck. The others rat wanted to help Malcolm. The rats would ring the alarm bell, but they didn’t ring. The enermous rat’s face twisted anger. Then,  he pulled the rope and tied the two end of the rope together. Then, Malcolm’s body swung from the end of the rope with the tightly round his neck.
Finally, the alarm bel rang louder and louder. People came to the judge’s house. They found Malcolm in the dining room. His body was hanging from the end of alarm bell rope. They all looked at the painting. There was a smile on the judge’s face. It was an evil smile.

the Return of Abel Behena

Two young men once lived in a small town beside the sea. Their names were Abel Behena and Eric Sanson. Abel and Eric were friends. They had been friends since they were children. They were the same age - twenty years old. When they were fourteen, Abel saved Eric's life. But, at the age of twenty, their friendship was broke,. They both fell in love at the same time-unfortunately, they both fell in love with the same girl. Her name is Sarah. Sarah liked Abel and she liked Eric. She wanted to marry one of them. But she did not know which one. She promised them to decide which one on her birthday. On her birthday, early in the morning, both men came to Sara's house. But she was unable to decide between the two young men.
Then, her mother had an idea. The idea was to toss a coin. The winner would be able to get the money of two young men all. He would buy goods with the money and sell the goods in foreign countries. When he was rich, he would return and be able to marry her. The men agreed it, and tossed the coin. The winner was Abel and the loser was Eric. While Abel was in foreign countries, Eric proposed her to get married with again and again. She promised him to get married with if Abel return on the next her birthday.
One night before her birthday was a few days away, there was a terrible storm. The men of the town ran from the harbour along the shore. they heard the cries of the people in the water. Eric climbed carefully onto the wet rock. Suddenly, he heard a cry. Someone was trying to swim to the rock. Eric threw the rope towards the man. The man caught it and tied it round his body. Eric began to pull the rope towards him. Eric saw the man's face clearly. It was the face of Abel Behena. He had come back to marry Sarah. Eric let go of the rope. It fell onto the rock and then slipped into the water. Abel sank in the sea.
On the day of the wedding, the weather was fine. Eric and Sarah walked together towards Sarah’s house in the town. Sarah's mother was preparing the wedding meal for them there. All their friends walked behind them. They walked along the edge of the shore towards the town. Suddenly, Sarah gave a cry. She pointed at the shore. Everyone stopped and looked. There was a body lying on the shore. It was Abel Behena. Abel had promised to return. This was the return of Abel Behena

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